Archaeological services: Digging and Monitoring

Full archaeological support for all of your evaluation, excavation and monitoring scheme (watching brief) needs.
The services in this category that you are most likely to require are the following:

Archaeological monitoring (Watching Briefs)

Archaeological monitoring requires the attending archaeologist to provide a ‘watching brief’ on groundworks or historic building renovations, recording any remains or features of interest uncovered.

Evaluation and test-pitting

Archaeological Evaluation (trenching and test-pitting)

An archaeological evaluation usually takes place in the pre-determination or pre-application stage of a planning application and involves the excavation of trenches or test-pits to evaluate the presence and condition of archaeological remains in the proposed development area. If sufficiently preserved remains are found with the trial holes, the Local Authority may impose an archaeological excavation or simply a watching brief/monitoring scheme as a Planning condition.


Archaeological Excavation (mitigation)

Archaeological excavation usually takes place as a Planning Condition (usually decided upon after an evaluation) and involves the large scale excavation and recording of archaeological remains before development can proceed.

Community Projects

Community Archaeology Projects

As well as planning condition work, Vindomora Solutions Ltd also aid community archaeology groups with specialist advice and supervision.

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News and updates

Instagram here we come


As a few if you are aware, we’ve had an Instagram account for some time now but have failed to really use it. Having now discovered the joys of Instagram through the PC desktop I’m pleased to announce that we’ve started to put our ‘historical’ working shots on Instagram for your enjoyment/bemusement/amusement.

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Late prehistoric pit, Northumberland

Late prehistoric pit

Here’s a nice (if I do say so myself) 3-D model of a 0.9m diameter pit uncovered during an evaluation in Northumberland during the summer of 2019. The pit is likely late prehistoric in origin with at least two periods of use.

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