Durham Cathedral 995 Club and Vindomora Solutions

Vindomora Solutions are pleased to announce that we are supporting Durham Cathedral as a 995 Club member. The 995 Club is a business community initiative that directly supports Durham Cathedral’s Open Treasure project.

Open Treasure is a world-class exhibition at Durham Cathedral giving visitors access to previously inaccessible rooms within the Claustral buildings, as well as displaying items from the Cathedral’s historical and archaeological artefact collections.

The exhibition space includes access to the 14th century Monks’ Dormitory, the Great Kitchen (which will house the Treasures of St. Cuthbert once a period of monitoring to ensure the display cases are environmentally safe for the artefacts) and the Pilgrimage and Community Galleries.

For more information on the Open Treasure project, please visit the following link: Durham Cathedral Open Treasure.

The video above was produced by Durham Cathedral to give an insight into Open Treasure.

Back in March 2015, Vindomora Solutions went behind the scenes at Open Treasure for a sneak preview of the work that was at that time being undertaken. A quick write-up of the experience can be found on our Behind the Scenes at Open Treasure page.