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Historic landscape survey and archaeological landscape assessment

Historic landscape survey. Prehistoric rock art in Northumberland
Prehistoric rock art in Northumberland

Historic Landscape Survey usually takes place as a pre-application or pre-commencement condition of a planning application, or as a response to certain land or forestry grant applications. The surveys take place usually to identify heritage assets within the landscape or to enable condition surveys of known assets, as well as to inform the planning or grant process of potential need for further archaeological works, or to put mitigation in place to protect the archaeological features.

Standing stone near Barrasford
Standing stone near Barrasford

The Level of survey required is usually set by the significance of the landscape and/or the purposes of the proposed scheme, and is usually chosen from Levels 1-3 set within Historic England’s Understanding the Archaeology of Landscapes: A Guide to Good Recording Practice (linked here).

Between 2020 and 2022, we undertook 11 combined landscape walkover surveys and desk-based assessments in Northumberland to inform woodland creation schemes, surveyed to Forestry Commission specifications, as well as a further similar project in the Scottish Borders in total bringing the landscape area covered to over 2,300 hectares.

Cairn remnant near Rayheugh
Cairn remnant near Rayheugh

See Section 16 for archaeology and heritage

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