Metric building survey and mapping

Gibside Hall

At Vindomora Solutions we are professional archaeologists providing metric survey services to the built-heritage industry: sometimes the understanding of a building can aid the production of a working survey when a non-archaeological surveyor may miss elements of significance. Metric recording is often a requirement of higher-level historic building recording projects.

We provide a wide range of metric scale survey solutions such as:

  1. Scaled plans;
  2. Scaled elevations;
  3. Scaled sections;
  4. Rectified photography;
  5. Orthophotographic recording;
  6. CAD drawings in Modelspace and Paperspace;
  7. Digitial imagery in formats such as .png, .tiff and .jpg;
  8. RAW photography.

Basic survey techniques include Total Station survey supported by GPS positioning, digital photography (or film/transparency photography if required) and physical feature identification. Rectified and photogrammetric images can be produced using appropriate software.

We have our own markup system for building plans and elevations (produced in CAD format) or can work to specific formatting requirements if producing surveys directly for architectural practices or organisations such as Historic England.

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