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Welcome to our news and blogs page. As you may notice we’re not particularly good at updating this (more likely to use Social Media) but we promise to be better in 2019!

The Twixtmas-New Year website overhaul

Hi all, just to let you know that we’re currently overhauling the website, so there may be some oddities when you’re browsing this week. Ta!

Recording underway at Pendower Hall

Pendower Hall project information

Over the last few months, Vindomora Solutions Ltd have been undertaking a large open-area excavation at Pendower Hall, West Road, Newcastle upon Tyne.
We’re investigating the remains of the Roman settlement that grew up to the west of Condercum fort (Benwell Roman Fort) and have uncovered some remarkable remains. More details to come soon!

Email spoofed

Just to make you all aware that some lovely soul has spoofed our domain name (where essentially they mask their own email address with a different one) and has been sending out virus emails. The clever soul that did this also emailed us, so at least we know whats going on…

If you receive any emails from please don’t open it, just delete it. The email address doesn’t actually exist so it won’t cause us any problems but obviously we don’t want anyone thinking that we’re virused!

Cheers all

Durham Cathedral 995 Club and Vindomora Solutions

Vindomora Solutions are pleased to announce that we are supporting Durham Cathedral as a 995 Club member. The 995 Club is a business community initiative that directly supports Durham Cathedral’s Open Treasure project…

Our heritage solutions - useful info


Pre-planning application (PRE-APP)

Archaeological Schemes
If you're at PRE-APP stage and have advice from your Local Authority that an archaeological project is required to inform your application, we can help.


Planning Condition

Archaeological Schemes
If you've applied for your planning application and have received archaeological conditions or pre-commencement conditions in your paperwork, please click below to see how we can help.


Scheduled Monuments
(SMC work)

Archaeological Schemes
Archaeological schemes of work are required when development takes place within the boundary of a Scheduled Ancient Monument (SAM). Please click the button below to see how we can help.


Works to Listed Buildings

Historic Building Schemes
If you're working on a Listed Building, there's a good chance you'll need an archaeologist to record and/or research the building before works commence and possible monitor your scheme while its underway. Please click here to see what we can do to help.


Non-designated Heritage Assets

Historic Building Schemes
The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) allows Local Authorities to designate buildings as non-designated heritage assets. If you're working on such a building, its likely you'll need an archaeologist to undertake a recording scheme.


Community or private works

Heritage Schemes
If you're a community group or charity looking for advice or to take part in (or set up) an archaeological project (or for any other archaeological works not planning-related), we can help.

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