Building Recording, Surveying and Photography: Archaeological Services

Vindomora Solutions Ltd can provide cost-effective services undertaking all of your archaeological surveying and photography needs needs. The services in this category that you are most likely to require are the following:

Historic Building Recording:

Historic Building Recording (desk-based)Historic Building Recording, otherwise known as Archaeological Building Recording can combine elements of photography, observed detail, historical research, map regression, analysis of the above and potentially metric survey for plans and elevations.

For more details please see our Historic Building Recording page.


Historic Building Metric Survey:

Metric survey of historic buildings often supplements Historic Building Recording and utilises equipment such as Total Stations to produce elevations, plans and 3D data to correct rectified photography.

See our Metric Building Survey page for more details.


Metric Landscape Survey:

Metric survey often utilises equipment such as Total Stations and GPS Rovers to produce topographic plans of Historic Landscapes such as parks and gardens.

See our Landscape Survey page for more details.



3D Modelling:

We’re experimenting with 3D photogrammetric modelling to supplement our recording systems for excavations, building recording and artefact analysis.

See our 3D page for more information.