Archaeological artefact illustration

archaeological illustrationIllustration is a traditional way of representing diagnostic and artefacts of interest in an archaeological report or publication.

The artefacts are inked by hand using line and stipple techniques on sheets of drafting film, which once dry can be scanned in and produced in various digital formats and scales.

As a standard, Vindomora Solutions use 75 micron drafting film, usually cut to fit A3 or A2 depending on the client’s needs (and the size of the artefacts to be drawn) and we use Rotring inks and pens.

The illustrations can be presented to the client on the drafting film, or as mentioned above can be scanned to produce digital imagery, usually archive quality uncompressed .tiff (tagged image file format) files.

Depending on requirements (and physical size of the illustration), the images can be scanned at a resolution up to 1200dpi, though most publications are happy with 400-600dpi. Once scanned, these images can easily be inserted into CorelDRAW (version 12 compatible), AutoCAD (version 2007 compatible) or TurboCAD (2012 version compatible) producing print-ready files for the client to send to relevant publishers.

All illustrations are produced with a graded scale.

All types, sizes and materials illustrated.

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